Where is papaya grown?

Papaya is also called with another name Mokuka papaya or Melon tree (Bankajyu). The papaya is originally from Central South America. In the 16th century, it was discovered by the Spaniards and was spread out in the Caribbean coast. Papaya was spread out in the Orient ( in the 18th century) Because papaya is suitable in the tropical and subtropical climate, Philippines, Hawaii, Taiwan, Fiji became the producing country. Cultivation is carried out in Okinawa, Kagoshima and Miyazaki in Japan.

Cultivation of papaya is suitable in the tropicl and subtropical climate

To grow papaya,the warmth climate of the Philippines and Hawaii is necessary. Under the strong sunlight of the southern countries,papaya is naturally grown throughout the year and is supposed to be the most delicious. Even in Japan, papaya is grown in Okinawa, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima.In this region, most of the papaya is mainly grown in an establishment facility (house) because of the low temperature and also the typhoon influences from winter to spring.The entire quantity circulating domestically is only about 2% compared from the import papaya .Therefore, because most of the papaya are imported goods,freshness is demanded above all, and this means that Japan is still far behind the margin for the highly nutritional value of green papaya.

It is a fruit of longevity,medicine of life

Papaya was first introduced in Okinawa ,Japan in the Meiji Era. It was valued as a medicine for longevity and was called with an auspicious name [manjyu]which means "long life" . And even up to the present,in Kunigun, of Okinawa Prefecture, it si called "Nuchigusui", a medicine of life, they use it for cooking ,for the treatment of diarrhea, stomach pain and for nutrition replenishment on postpartum.

The worlds papaya

It is used as for skin care nd treatment of wounds

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To help in the digestion of food after a fatty meal or eating too much and also drunk as an stamina drink for the prevention of summer heat fatigue.

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It is use as an antidote in the islands of the Pacific Ocean when bitten by a poisonous snake or stung by a bee.

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The papain enzyme extracted from the green papaya is used as a therapeutic drug of a herniated disk as an injection drug. There are also a lot of papin enzyme supplements for medical use. Even in Japan, papaya enzyme is handled as a medical supplies.

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