The characteristics of Bio-Normalizer

Bio-Normalizer is a health food of which more than 130 volumes of academic research thesis from the worlds leading research institute has already been published . Food screening for safety guarantee is performed by the public institution in Japan.

Suggested usage

For beauty and health

The antioxidants such as beta carotene , cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin contained in the green papaya as the raw material of Bio-Normalizer,acts to eliminate excess reactive oxygen in the body, inhibits lipid peroxidation which increases with age, has an anti-aging effect, and utilization in the field of cosmetic is progressing. Bio-Normalizer is a health food from a green papaya with excellent ingredients and fermented by an original yeast. Serving suggestions: Take 1 sachet ,3g., to be dissolve slowly into the mouth without water before bedtime.

For health and beauty

Even small children

Even small children

Bio-Normalizer is a 100% naturally derived health products without using any additives, preservatives. Unlike other medical supplies ther is nothing to worry on side effects and can be taken in combine application without any problem.Serving suggestions: There's no need to measure the intervals of taking, before meal ,in between meals or after meal, same as the medical supplies. You can take it anytime you want it.The recommended suggested serving is by taking 1 sachet, 3g., to dissolve be dissolve slowly into the mouth without water before bedtime.

For the prevention of influenza in China,

"In June 2003, with the Bio-Normalizer, humanitarian mission was performed in Tianjin National University of Medicine for the SARS epidemic in China, ""Bio-Normalizer"" were provided free of charge to SARS patient.The effect was reconized, and received a certificate of appreciation from the university,and the Chinese government recognized the ""Bio-Normalizer as a health food for immune regulation,"" and has been officially registered. ( currently petition for registration is not performed) Also, it is said in modern medicine that there is no medicine to cure a cold. When you catch a cold, take a rest, protect from exhaustion, overcome the cold virus and enhancing the immunity is essential. And also influenza with fever , exhaustion of stamina is severe. Enhancing the immunity will lead to the prevention of influenza.

Suggested usage:To increase the immunity,there's a way called the bombing method, take it 4 times in a 40 minutes interval. "

It was recognizes as a food supplement for immune regulation.

Diabetic (For those who needs calorie restriction).


Bio-Normalizer is 11kal per 1 sachet.
And because the sweetness of Bio-Normalizer is a monosaccharide it is easily converted into energy in a short time and pathologically increases the blood glucose level but it is not a property that directly aggravate the diabetes mellitus.
Suggested usage: Please take it anytime you want it.
The recommended way is to take 1 sachet (3g) before bedtime and dissolve it into the mouth without water.
In " Symposium concerning  Antioxidation Food Supplement on Human Health" held in Yamagata in 1997, Proffesor Kolkina of the Russian, National Medical University, molecular biology and the biochemistry laboratory published a research thesis about the relation of Bi-Normalizer and nitrogen monoxide. It was shown that MnSOD and the catalase induces a strong substance that suppress the hyperoxidation of the lipid by the antioxidant of Bo-Normalizer through the medical treatment of an insulin dependence diabetes mellitus.