Everyone's Evaluation

The health food,Bio-Normalizer is a whole green papaya fermented by an" original yeast". In spite of not being a medical supplies, the effectiveness was published in an article inside and outside the country, and it is appreciated by a majority of people.


Received an award as the worlds first in the fermentation of green papaya.

In addition to nutritional value, the deliciousness too

The monde selection was established in Belgium in 1961. It is an International Evaluation Organization which evaluates and examines the quality of goods.
Although the deliciousness is common, it was strictly checked on the , on the raw material, onthe side of hygienety, pleasantness of packing, accurate notication, and effectiveness as a supplement, and the bio-normalizer won the golden award. And the green papaya fermented food as the worlds first awardee from the 52 years of Monde Selection was a great honour.

Concerning the group of judges

"The judges of the Monde Selection is organized by the independent specialists, were the nutritional science consultant, a university lecturer of a special field of study, and a chemical engineer. They are the professionals who have a full knowledge of the laws and regulation information on the newest scientific reseach concerning diets and healthy goods, the frontier of product technology within their special field of study.
The analysis was performed with the cooperation of the accredited laboratories such as BIOTOX,BRUCEFO,INSTITUTE MEURICE, etc, under the Confederation Bureau on Public Service Organization of Begium. As a partner, the EUROCONSULTANTS of the Quality Control Specialty on Food Industry Organization also cooperated. "

The above photo is an image of examination

With the concern to the evaluation process
For product analysis, a Mond Selection original special evaluation consisting of 20 original evaluation standards including the following item will bw performed.
・Composition table
・Details of active ingredient
・Commercial complaints and the presentation
・Explanation in relation to the effect of the goods
・Consistency analysis of the nourishment ingredient label
・Expiry date on use ,precautions on the usage and speculated intake
・Collation characteristics of the contents of products and commercial complaints
・Whether it contains an active ingredient that will anticipate commercial complaints
・Results of laboratory analysis
・Implementation of analytic senses if necessary
The final evaluation will be released upon taking into consideration the comprehensive evaluation of the analysis data mentioned above.

International Quality Excellence Award (Gold Medal winner for more than three consecutive years )
Special Golden Award (Highest Gold Award) (More than 95 points of a 100 points scale)
Gold (More than 85 points of a 100 points scale)
Silver (More than 75 points out of 100 points scale)
Bronze (More than 65 points of a 100-points scale)

Recipient of the Monde Selection Gold Medal for 4 consecutive years.