Fermented food and health

Things wich is essential to fermentatio

The fermentation foundation and the yeast ,and then the temperature, climate makes the fermentation complicated and unique
Bacteriostasis action of microorganism

"Like the relation between bacillus subtilis and pathogenic escherichia coli bacillus O-157, on their strength,in the case of a microbe, generally the strong one suppress the proliferation of the weaker one. Since the strong one produces a special substance (a killer factor or a lethal factor) and suppresses the opponents multiplication, coexistence of same microbes is limited to extremely unique case. As to whether which is stronger between putrefactive bacteria and fermentative bacteria, in most experiments,the fermentative bacteria are far stronger, and the putrefactive bacteria cannot easily get into the place where the fermentative bacteria is. This is called bacteriostatic action, it has a strong property to suppress the proliferation of other microbes and malignant bacterium. "


<Kills the bad fungus that is not good for the body >

Antagonistic action of microorganism

"However,coexistence of the same fermentative bacteria is impossible. For example, when making a bean paste, in order to make bean paste malt, a soybean is boiled first, and spread it over a woven straw mat with the use of a rice straw, and cover with a straw mat to keep it warm. Then, when the temperature is low, the aspergillus oryzae is in control and it will turn into a bean paste malt, but if the temperature is high, the bacillus subtilis will become strong and will turn into a fermented soybeans. And because there was no thermometer in the early years, they had difficulties in the control of temperature. It oftenly happens,when they intend to make a bean paste malt but instead it turns out into a femented soybeans. This shows that coexistence of aspergillus oryzae and bacillus subtilis is not possible. Currently, fermented foods is overflowing in public.. To discern the truth of the thing called fermented food, it is important to be cautious on this mtter. The scientific point of view of zymology,as mentioned above ""the antagonistic action that the microbe possess"" cannot be explained, particularly the difference mostly on the types of fruits, vegetables, kinds of plants,etc, all the raw materials used in the synthetic fermented foods that is existing in the world as said in the advertisement."

<Incompatible by all means >

The reason why only green papaya is fermented for Bio-Normalizer

From the aspect of fermentation and manufacturing ,Bio-Normalizer uses one type of plant and only one kind of papaya as a raw material, and most of the active ingredients is being produced by itself while in the process of fermentation.And this is the form of the natural food fermentation that the Bio-Normalizer has figured out.However, it doesn't mean that you can be healthy by just taking Bio-Normalizer ,it is important to take a nutritionally well balance meal.


<When a fully nutritious papaya is fermented it will turn out into a fully nutritious fermented food >