Leading manufacturing factory

The Philippines is proud for the completion of the new factory equiped with the extreme facility in the First Philippines Industrial Park in Santo Tomas City in April, 2010.

Halal certification acquisition

In order to provide products that offer the trust of customers around the world.


The Bio-Normalizer has obtained a halal factory certification in response to the multiple wishes of its partners in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Bio normalizer has already shown its service performance in Singapore and Malaysia, and the opportunities to provide it to Islamic customers have bright prospects for increase.
Going forward, we will continue to provide customers across the world with products that they can trust, in accordance with the structure of our halal factory certification.
The social trust and market predominance of papaya fermented foods bio normalizer has become certain.

Regarding the Halal Food

alal food means food that is permitted under the Shariah (Islamic) Law. This law is based on the Qur’an, Hadith (tradition of the Prophet Muhammad). Ijma (consensus) and Qiyas (deduction by analogy). The qiyas approved by the relevant Islamic Authority also fulfills the following conditions:
A)Does not contain any component or raw materials from animals that is not Halal.
B)Does not contain any ingredient that is considered haram or najis (fithy). During is preparation, processing or manufacturing, the tolls or equipments used must
C)not be contaminated by the product with ingredients which are considered haram or najis.

<HALAL Certification Mark

Halal factory certification

Certificate No:2012-FS-488-01
Activities:IDCP HALAL
Valid period:from 24 February 2012 until 23 February 2013
Registered:Bio-Normalizer Nutraceutical Corporation
Scope section:Manufacure of papaya food supplements from receiving,processing,packaging to storage and transportation for export>
Certification organizations: IDCP

<HALAL Certification

Regarding the Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines (IDCP)

 Established and registered under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)on January 4, 1982 by nine (9) member organizations, the IDCP was the first and pioneer Da’wah organization in the Philippines . Most of the founders were members of the Converts to Islam Society of the Philippines (CONVISLAM)- the first registered Muslim religious organization in the Philippines (1953)- heralding the truth of Islam, headed by a former Christian religious leader, Lauro de Leon (Imam Moh’d Al-Lauhe de Leon).
Company name:Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines
Address:Suite 400, FUBC Bldg, Escolta Manila Philippines
Tel:+63-22-458-456  Fax:+63-22-415-142