Everyone's Evaluation

The health food,Bio-Normalizer is a whole green papaya fermented by an" original yeast". In spite of not being a medical supplies, the effectiveness was published in an article inside and outside the country, and it is appreciated by a majority of people.

Quality of LIfe Award

What is Quality of Life (QOL)

The word QOL is translated into various Japanese, quality of life, quality of living, quality of survival is applied , "enhance the QOL" recently has become the way of saying. This thought was aimed for creating environment for every person to live in their own will, in their respective usual life not focused on the treament of their disease , but by giving them the esteem purpose of living for a terminal cancer patient on how to spend the limited time, recently it is also applied to a dementia old man, a bedridden elderly person and also concerning the way of living of a person having other obstacles and diseases. Regardless of age , gender ,sickness,health ,for all the people to have the possibility to experience [a superior health condition]is the advocacy of Biopathy,"Improvement of QOL" .

Was granted the "Quality of Life Award " which is the highest prize of an "International Life Prize".

The testimonial of the Quality of Life Award

The 1st International Congress of the Ageing Society was held by the support of WHO (World Health Organization) in Abano Terme City, Italy, in October, 1999.
Dr. Akira Osato made a full use according to the distinguished achievements of "Bio-Normalizer" which is the nutraceutical (notes 1) products equipped with the wonderful function which can improve the health condition of a middle-aged's person and improve the QOL was developed, The "Quality of Life Award" which is the highest prize of the "InternationaLife Prize" by the enactment of Abano Terme City was granted.

Bio-Normalizer leads the world

"The nominated famous 20 scientists from all over the world who have left distinguished achievements were screened, and five scientists who have a particular excellent achievements were chosen among them, . And Dr. Akira Osato was further chosen as the highest award winner unanimously from among the five persons.
The anti-aging action effect as one of the functions of the bio-normalizer was again recognized in this award which has been proven by numerous treatise and writings, and Bio-Normalizer was endorsed as the product suitable to put into pratice in the theory of Biopathy. "

Bronze statue was presented to commemorate