Privarcy Policy

1. Collection of Personal information

Personal means information on individuals such as customer names, street , Date of birth or any other information ( Including it can be instantly crosschecked with the ant other information and this makes identify particular individual.)

2. Purpose of use of personal information

We may also use this information for that purpose as below.

  • For offering managed lace,contents, system utilization servise or any other servise.
  • For offering servise such as sales of our and third party's products, sales solicitation, shipping.
  • For the advertisement or the advertisement of our and third party's commodities. (Including the direct mail is sent, and the transmission of E-mail).
  • For the charge claim and the account calculation.
  • For the personal identification and the authentication service.
  • For after-sales service, the inquiry, and the complaint.
  • For the execution of the questionnaire.
  • For the execution of the campaign.
  • For the offer of the affiliate.
  • For the investigation, statistics, and the analysis of the marketing data.
  • For the offer of the settlement service and the physical distribution service.
  • For the new service and the development of the new features included.
  • For maintenance and trouble systems.
  • For the purpose of providing individually when other our company serves each
3. Offering personal information

Our company assumes the one that individual information can be offered to the third party as follows when providing.

  • When there is the person in question's agreement.
  • When disclosing individual information is requested by the organization with the authority based on the court, the public prosecutors office, the police, the tax office, bar association or these.
  • When indicating it to the insurance company for the insurance claim.
  • When indicating it to the entrepreneur who holds the financial institution, credit card companies, and collection agency trader other settlements or the agencies to hold the charge that our company should pay and other settlements.
  • When you consign all or parts of the business that our company does to the third party.
  • When you indicate the person who owes our company the obligation of confidentiality.
  • Necessary for our exercise of right.
  • When you indicate the person who succeeds the business when the business is succeeded by the amalgamation, the transfer of operations, and other reasons.
  • When it is admitted by Private Information Protection Law or other act.
  • When individually providing when other our company serves each.
4. Handing of individual information such as linked Website

In on our management site and the e-mail magazine, the link to an outside site might be pasted. Because it is not information over which our company has jurisdiction, individual information registered on this outside site cannot assume all the responsibilities.

5. System to protect individual information

Our company decides the policy concerning the handling of individual information by the personal information management committee, and confirms the operation situation. In addition, the person in charge of the personal information management generalization is arranged in the responsibility section that manages individual information, and the person is guiding appropriate management of individual information. Moreover, when joining a company the employee, it trains concerning protection of individual information.

6. Update of the privacy policy

Our company might change the privacy policy. It notifies on the site when there is a significant alteration in the privacy policy.