Time line in Bio-Normalizer

The founder of Bio-Normalizer, Dr. Akira Osato, devoted his career for the sake of research and his desire for world peace , thus the history of Bio-Normalizer begun.

Biopathy and Quality of Life(QOL)

The therapy and theory of Biopathy

The disrupted balance of the natural healing power of creatures that is intrinsic and has stopped functioning because of chemical, physical, biological and psychological stress which is the principe cause of any kind of disease Then, in order to heighten the natural healing energy which a creature (bio) has, the early stage therapy (Passy) will lead to safe early treatment by promoting biological activity powerfully by the safe nutraceutical (functional foods) without side effects, and restoring from the primary cause of the illness is "Biopathy"

[Biopathy] and Quality of Life

The fundamental principle of Biopathy to go through the patients self attitude to persistently eliminate the principle cause of the disease for a complete recovery not the standard medical treatment of eliminate only the effect of the disease including the surgical care that is apt to adding the stress of the patient by pain and jitters including the administering of the medical supplies with the side adverse reaction.

In order to certainly provide the patients with QOL(quality of a life and life),the surgical procedure and the medical supplies which were made by the chemical technique should be avoided as mush as possible so that medical malpractice may not occur by all means, and various researches which is emphasize on the approach to the nutrition side by a nutraceutical has progressed so as to accurately offer to the patients.
t The QOL(s)(quality of a life and life) such as those who have suffered from the incurable illness, and the bedridden elderly person has improved their "quality of life" QOL,(life・quality of life), is one of the excellent features of "Bio-Normalizer" to contribute not only to the person himself/herself but even the surrounding people to experience the joy.

Immunity ・Natural healing power, mechanism of the free radical
The attention is on the human intrinsic imunity strength and natural healing power. Bio-Normalizer works on the vitality.
The risk of active oxygen・ Free radical

"Not only man but all creatures repeats oxidization and reduction (living body redox reaction) of the food taken inside body, and sustain life. ""Bio-Normalizer"" paid its attention to the process of which the free radical is born inside the body.

The reactive oxygen (superoxide) which is especially one of the free radical indispensable to a living body which functions to attack all sorts of viruses, pathogen, (incuding the chemical process manufactured medical supplies )is a subtance which recognize subtances that infiltrate inside the body.

And in order to expel great quantity of opponents in the case of excess intake nutritiont, a massive reactive oxygen breaksout inside the body. And in the case of the excessive breakout,it will attack even the normal cell which will become the principle cause of various diseases.

However, in order to eliminate the excessive reactive oxygen inside the body, SOD (reactive oxygen eliminating enzyme) which is provided in the living body will function to eliminate the excessive reactive oxygen.The hydrogen peroxide produced through the reaction response with the intravital metal ion and breaksout hydroxyl radicals (water acid free radical) inside the cell, this will ablate the chain of the gene(DNA) inside the cell. This is the outbreak mechanism of cancer.

Therefore, while a free radical is a strong ally, at the same time a terriying toxic with a ""two-edged sword"". "

Illness is fundamentally cured by the activation of natural healing power.
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