Four steps to know more about Bio-Normalizer
  • Fermented Food & Health
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    2. What is food fermentation
    3. Decomposing the sugar contained in the food stuff by the microorganism into alcohol and carbon dioxide is called fermentation. The power of fermentation is also used in making liquor (malt-making), miso (natural fermentation), breads, etc.
    4. The three forces of fermented foods
    5. Through the process of fermentation, food molecules is turned into tiny particles that is easily absorb by the intestines.And the taste that is not in the base of the food , and new nutritional composition is produced by the yeast, and the most important point is the superior preservation and its portability..
    6. Things wich is essential to fermentation
    7. The microorganism , which is the yeast,that can be seen only with the microscope has a great involvement and does an important function in fermentation.
  • Approach to Food Safety
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    2. Green papaya plantation
    3. We hold a number of leased farms to secure a high quality green papaya throughout the seasons.
    4. Contract farmers
    5. Experimental farm
    6. Harvest of green papaya
    7. Batangas is famous for its cultured pesticide-free papaya,and is noted throughout the world for its high quality .In order to harvest the best quality of papaya, harvesting time is always performed during high tide on full moon and new moon, adjusting to the biological rhythm.
    8. Leading manufacturing factory
    9. The Philippines is proud for the completion of the new factory equiped with the extreme facility in the First Philippines Industrial Park in Santo Tomas City in April, 2010.
    10. Factory visit
    11. ISO 22000/HACCP
    12. Halal factory certification
    13. The efforts of the production staff
    14. All employees and factory staffs are required to always carry with them a card to protect the mentioned "Quality standard of Japan" ,Vision, Food Safety Policy,Food Safety Ojbectives" and the 4 other oaths.
    15. Traceability
    16. Traceability is to know where the food came from or the whereabouts. In addition to ISO international standards, our company prepared an original stardard selection ,the Bio-Normalizer is manufactured and produced under the strict management system.,

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