Time line in Bio-Normalizer

The founder of Bio-Normalizer, Dr. Akira Osato, devoted his career for the sake of research and his desire for world peace , thus the history of Bio-Normalizer begun.

The desire of Dr. Akira Osato in the development of Bio-Normalizer

30 years with the Bio-Normalizer

Its been 30 years since I developed the Bio-Normalizer.During that time, I had the opportunity to meet housands of people all over the world.
And meeting people who has been taking , and those who knew well about Bio-Normalizer. I am oftenly asked by the people I meat for the first time,

[Is Bio-Normalizer a good health maintenance ,if you take it?]

My answer was no.

It is not necessary for a healthy person to take Bio-Normalizer.The normal eating habit is the best. But in the present,to live by eating only the real natural thing is far from reality, you should make up your mental attitude not to eat artificially processed foods including chemically compound foods.Even in water, I drink water direct from the water tap during my stay in japan because the water in Japan is fine.And in other countries, I drink tap water to places where water is safe to drink. And the next question that is frequently asked,

[ If you take Bio-Normalizer, will you be safe fom diseases?]

I also answered this with no. It is splendid if it can prevent illness, but, unfortunately it can't prevent it.The reason is, because it is just natural for human to get sick. The research of the mechanism on the outbreak of illness has progressed and has been elucidated that the result of the of the weakening human healing ability is because of stress breaking the barrier to all kinds of diseases. Therefore, there's a need to bring back the condition that can antagonized diseases by manifesting the primary natural healing power.Human gets sick from the natural form of stress but is self-prepared with the power to cure a disease from the cause. It is difficult to understand for the modern even if you take time to explain because their thinking has been adapted to the symptomatic therapy of the modern medicine, to take antipyretic for fever and painkiller ease pains. To deal with the symptoms of a disease is not the fundamental medical treatment of a disease, the pathogenesis of a disease should be eliminated.It's not easy to defy the wrong common sense that the modern people has learned.All humans and life-forms on earth should be accustomed to the habit of answering its own question concerning

[what is a natural thing・are we not against the nature.]

Now, the world also feels doubts for the medical malpractice, medicine side effects and other adverse effects in the modern medical treatment . And even the alternative medicine has also attract attentions.Unfortunately, rather than Japan it seems that the foreign countries is progressing on this matter.
Most of the people in the foreign countries can immediately understands that "" if you dont eliminate the cause of the the disease, though, it seems that the illness is cured apparently, ther's a tendency to relapse" ",the idea that I felt only a few Japanese can.Is it on the difference of custom, to be responsible of his own health, or the method of information options. At first, when I discovered Bio-Normalizer,(during that time I had not named it yet),I tested it to myself, and gradually even my acquaintances started to try it too,eventually, it seems that the condition of my body is in good shape, and sooner a lot of voices saying,""what the heck is that""?,
I started the scientific research and found out that it is the only safe antioxidants which have the action to adjust the free radicals that occurs inside the body, after that ,I acquired confidence to inform the substance to everybody and published a great number of scientific thesis.Again, the feedbacks of results from the thousands of users contributed to the settlement of the method on the proper way of taking. Life has been sustained by the vast grace of nature. Life-forms is provided with an unfathomable capability.My desire is human rescue.And now, the joy to my desire that came into realization through the cooperation of the many regular users. Furtheremore, my warmth wish for all people to have a peacefull and bright quality of life(QOL) "

Academician Dr. Akira Osato's Performance

The developer of Bio-Normalizer, Dr. Akira Osato performed a humanitarian mission in the relief of a lot of radioactivity radiation exposure victims by the explosion accident of Chernobyl nuclear power plant for a total of two weeks in the year 1993 of June and August. He performed a humanitarian medical mission to the National Cancer Hospital in Kharkov City of Ukraine and treated 42 patients, even to the hospital attached to the National Medical University of Moscow to the infant leukaemic using ""Bio-Normalizer"".

The dramatic results that the news had gathered has reached to the ears of the former President Gorbachev and Mrs.Raisa Gorbachev, and on November 12,1995, they both visited Gifu City and personally handed a letter of thanks to Dr.Akira Osato.

Besides the organization of humane mission at his own expense as well as the numerous important scientific research,Dr.Akira Osato acquired an honour from the doctors and Russian scientist by the practical achievements contributed for the treatment of patients.He was given the title of ""Academician"" which is only for the scientist who made a particular preeminence achievements into the scientific world regarding his humanitarian medical treatment mission, from Ukraine and Russian Science Academy.

And besides, Dr. Akira Osato was granted the Metchnikof Medal by the Russian Metchnikof Research Institute(Dr.Metchnikof is a nobel prize winner for the research of microbe and lactobacillus in 1908)for his big contribution to the research of microbiology application and immunology.

※ The posted text was written in 1999.

Profile of Dr. Osato Akira
Academician Akira Osato
1930 Born to Kyoto.
1965 The Ozato natural science research institute was founded.
February, of the same year Sun-O International Co., Ltd. was established.
1969 Functional foods Bio-Normalizer was developed.
1989 Promotion of promulgation, production and a full-scale scientific research.
1993 Tiitled granted as Academician from the Ukraine Science Academy ( technological and cybernetic).
1995 Recieved the award of the Metchnikoff Medal from the nobelist Dr. Metchnikoff commemoration research institute.
1996 Aquisition of doctor's degree in agricultural in Gifu University.
1997 Titled granted as Academician from Medical Engineering and a Science Academy in Russia sectional meeting.
1998 Awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of Science from the National Technical University Of Yaroslav, Russia.
A Honorable Military Major General Surgeon is granted from the Russian Federal Republic Department of Defense space medicine section in the same year.
1999 He won the award of"Quality Of Life" as top scientists in the "First International Congress Of the Ageing Society, ( International Ageing Society)" which was held in Italy sponsored by European Parliament in (WHO) · World Health Organization".
2000 [Science and Humanity] was founded in the United States of California ,International Congress of Oxygen Institute,with the jointnames of the three namely, Dr, Akira Osato, Dr,Lester Packer of America and Dr. Luke Montagnier, of France.
2008 Passed away on September 27,the Bio-Normalizer,bequeath to the next generation to highly contribute to the people's QOL.
(78 age at death)