The characteristics of Bio-Normalizer

Bio-Normalizer is a health food of which more than 130 volumes of academic research thesis from the worlds leading research institute has already been published . Food screening for safety guarantee is performed by the public institution in Japan.

Food screening

Food safety is proven through the inspection of public institutions.
Acute toxicity examination

It breeds [Killifish]for 96hours with 0.1% solution … The mortality rate 0%.

LD50 ( acute oral toxicity of test animals 50% lethal dose tests )

1 Kg per body weight :34.135 ± 1.377g

Quantity conversion for a person weighing 50 kg is approximately 1, 707g

(Reference:LD50 of salt weighing 50 kg is approximately 150-175g

LD50 of Vitamin C is approximately 600 g )

Qualitative and quantitative analysis and testing of toxic metals

Calorimetry: approximately 3.7Kcal / g

Heavy metals and harmful compounds are undetected