The characteristics of Bio-Normalizer

Bio-Normalizer is a health food of which more than 130 volumes of academic research thesis from the worlds leading research institute has already been published. Food screening for safety guarantee is performed by the public institution in Japan.

A summary of the product

Antioxidative components of carica papaya

The green papaya which is the raw material of the fermented food, Bio-Normalizer, contains polyphenol of about 7.5 times of a red wine.Besides polyphenol, well known as an exemplary antioxidant component which eliminates reactive oxygen, β-cryptoxanthin, isothiocyanate and calpain antioxidant components is also abundantly included in a green papaya. The excellent antioxidant potentials of green papaya that is cultivated under the strong ultraviolet rays has a big contribution to countermeasure the tendency of increasing the problem in our lifestyle-related diseases, such as ,stress and smoking, air pollution,agricultural chemicals etc., due to reactive oxygen in the recent years.

The polyphenol contained in a green papaya is about 7.5 times of a red wine

The fermentation technology of Japan that the world is proud of, docks with the active ingredient of the green papaya

The pride of Japan which is the traditional food, soy sauce and bean paste from the fermented soy bean.

The difference of Bio-Normalizer from the common green papaya processed foods such as the "green papaya tea" "green papaya powder" is in the point of fermentation of a whole green papaya by an original yeast. With regards to the superior effectiveness in various pathologic ・ diseases, it has been elucidated with scientific basis in collaboration with the authoritative research institute of every country in the world, and numerous scientific papers as their research data was published. In addition, the point of spending 43 years of research was introduced by the media inside and outside the country and the appreciation from every country.

The nutritional content of Bio-Normalizer
Name Fermented Papaya Product Name Bio-Normalizer No.11
Raw materials Carica papaya
Edible yeast
Contents 90g(3g×30sachet)
Retail price 6,804yen (included tax)    
Nutritional Information per 1sachet (3g)
Energy 11kcal Carbohydrate 2.72g
Protein 0.003g Sodium 0.00mg
Lipid 0.00g