The characteristics of Bio-Normalizer

Bio-Normalizer is a health food of which more than 130 volumes of academic research thesis from the worlds leading research institute has already been published . Food screening for safety guarantee is performed by the public institution in Japan.

Answers to questions regarding Bio-Normalizer

What is Bio-Normalizer?

Bio-Normalizer was developed by Dr. Akira Osato, in 1969.It is a granular food from the fermentation of Philippine origin papaya (carica papaya) by mircoorganism. The manufacturing process is done exceedingly near the natural condition without the use of chemicals nor additives.It is widely patronize regardless of age and gender.

Is Bio-Normalizer safe?

The safety of the bio-normalizer is tested by several public institutions. Since neither a heavy metal nor a harmful substance is not included, it does not affect the human liver and kidney functions.

Is it safe to take Bio-Normalizer together with other health food?

We don't recommend it,although, the safety of Bio-Normalizer has been proven, because there is a possibility of counterbalancing, or reciprocal merit might diminish when combined application with other health food.

How long should I continue to take Bio-Normalizer?

Because of the difference depending on individual constitution and living conditions, it cannot be state unconditionally.If you feel that the Quality of Life has improved, continuous intake is not a necessity.

Can a person take in Bio-Normalizer even when undergoing medical treatment?

Certainly ,yes, there's no problem with it. It is safe to use from children to elderly and even to pregnant women.

Bio-Normalizer is slightly sweet,is it safe for a diabetic patient to take it?

The radical rise of blood glucose level is mainly when the polysaccharides such as sugar, the saccharose, and sugar is degraded inside the body, and becomes a monomeric sugar. On the other hand, the sweetness of Bio-Normalizer is not the property that directly aggravate the diabetic and the morbid rise of blood glucose level is because it is a monomeric sugar ,it is converted into energy in a short time.And so, there's nothing to worry about.

Is it safe though there is a difference in the color and smell of Bio-Normalizer ?

The principal raw material used in Bio-Normalizer is the fruit of the papaya plant, which is fermented in unlimited natural condition.Hence, there's a change in color and smell for each lot. However, each lot is strictly checked by the company quality control division, so there's no change in the effectiveness.