Fermented food and health

The three forces of fermented foods

See what's amazing whith fermented food.And then ,the Bio-Normalizer
1. Creates an original flavour ingredients and nutritional composition

Through fermentation the flavour that is not in the basic ingredient and new nutritional content is produced. The odour and the color of the fermented food is due to the action of the fermentative microorganism. It will take years to elucidate why the microorganism produces such particular odorous substances and different color. However, it can be considered as the cause and effect of the various substances that the microorganisms eat and discharge as a metabolite.We also eat and discharge excrement, and the excrement is often accompanied by a strong odour, and yet, the odour and the color is not definite. Just like the rule in the rhythm of nature,the color and the stinking of the excrement differs incidentally that is sometimes due to the constant change of condition of the living body, When the natural substances loses its characteristics , and the object always have a definite color and odour particularly if the color is purely white, in this case, it is appropriate to think of zymology.Even the Bio-Normalizer do have a slight change in color, smell and flavour, but this ony proves that that the fermented food is not chemically processed.

<Boost up the flavour ingredient >

2. Increases the absorption of nutrients

Nutrition increases such as vitamin and essential amino acids, indispensable to man by the fast producing microbe fermentation.Adding to this, the food molecules turns into small particles and is easily absorb into the intestines in the process of fermentation.This will suppress the digestive enzyme which is several times much better than eating raw vegetables and fresh fruits,it will burden the digestive organs, and we can say it that it is a food gentle for the body. Like for instance, let's consider the sweet drink (amazake) made from a fermented rice as an example. The malted rice is the proliferated Aspergillus oryzae from a steamed rice, from this by putting hot water and place it under the electric table heater(kotatsu), the next day sweet drink (amazake) is produced from a fermented rice.The sweetness came from the rice starch which became glucose by the power of saccharification enzyme secreted by Aspergillus oryzae. This sweet drink (amazake) contains more than 20% of this glucose, and also contains abundant vitamins indispensable to man.Furthermore, sweet drink(amazake) made from fermented rice is a drink which contains most of the natural amino acid from among the natural food.In the case of a bio-normalizer, it is converted into a food which contains multiple vitamin, comprehensive amino acid, etc. through the process of fermentation, by implanting in a fresh papaya our discovered and identified, microbe bacillus of lactic acid fermentatation and add dextrose to go on lactic acid fermentation ,in substitute of the Aspergillus oryzae.It is clarified through research that a lot of nourishment elements is produced by fermenting vegetable foods especially papaya, etc. Taking vitamin pills to make up for a vitamin deficiency during the extremely weakening functional condition to to take in essential factors of vitamins into the body from ordinary foods, will be a burden to the stomach and other digestive organs, but the Bio-Normalizer helps to produce all this nutrients inside the body.

<Nutrition absorption will improve through the food regeneration of the microbe. >

3. Improved storage stability and portability

Because of its portability and excellent preservation, fermented food is suitable for todays modern life, and can take adequate nutrients even in a small quantity.And because the fermented foods has a strong acidity, the saprogens and the saprophytes that cannot exist in the area can no longer get in through and cannot easily get spoiled. Like for instance in the case of yogurt, an acid called lactate can be formed by a lactobacillus. Lactate has a low pH (hydrogen-ion exponent) value, and has an acid sensation. Saprogens and saprophytes which cannot enter, cannot exist in the area. That means, that it wont get spoiled because the lactate itself has an antibacterial properties.Just like what everyone knows,the traditional meal in Japan,the soy sauce and bean paste(miso) has improved its preservation through the fermentation of the soybeans.

<It is easy to take anywhere >


Nowadays is the era of gluttony, but, due to the (agricultural chemicals, additives,and enviromental pollution)the potentiality has declined and the nutritional value of the food stuff rapidly descreased. According to the said data, the vitamins and minerals contained even from the lovely vegetabes,is visibly 1/10 of the past 10 years.The enzyme that can be replenished from food has rapidly decreased . By means of greenhouse cultivation,even the year-round supply and the seasonal vegetables has diminished and also there's a serious problem seen from the aspect of nutritional value.Furthermore, the outcome on the spread of the convenient processed food is seen to be a big problem from the aspect of enzyme replenishment. Nowadays, to make-up for an adequate quantity and yet a good quality of enzyme from a daily meal is very difficult.

<Nowadays vegetabes does not have the power just like before. >