The components of papaya

Bio-Normalizer is a health food to which a whole green papaya is fermented by an "Original yeast".

About the nutrients of papaya

A compact nutrition group that is very rare and hard to take.

Papaya, a fruit that is full of vitality and known as a medical fruit in the southern country came across Japan in Meiji era.At that time after "Chouju" it was called in auspicious name (Manjuka) which means longevity.Up to the present, in Kunigami-Gun, of Okinawa,known for their longevity, it is called" Nuchigusui ”medicine for life ,and it is used for physical recovery on postpartum, to improve the flow of breast milk and is said to be effective to heart disease etc.

Papain enzyme is a rare digestive enzymes that decompose three nutrients, proteins, lipids, and sugars

"Green papaya is a rare food that contains the papain enzyme which effectively decomposes tha three major nutrients, the protein degradative enzyme ""protease"", a lipolytic degradative enzyme ""lipase"", and""amylase"" sugar (starch) degradative enzyme . The digestive enzyme acts effecively particularly on high protein meal, works in good chemistry with papaya when taking high protein meal such as meat dish. And talking about the ""resolving power of papain enzyme"" it reminds the people of the effectiveness in washing away stubborn dirt and oil as a detergent of table and kitchen wares and as a laundry detergent.Besides the food ,papain enzyme was also used on silk tanning and as a softener on leather and fabriques in the early times.. "

Nutritional facts/100g
Carbohydrates Protein Ash content Phosphorus Calcium Potassium
9.4g 1.3g 0.5g 17.0mg 36mg 190mg
Manganese Vitamin B6 Folic acid Moisture content Salt content Sodium
0.02mg 0.01mg 38μg 88.7g 0g 5.0mg
Magnesium Copper Zinc Niacin Energy
19mg 0.03mg 0.1mg 0.3mg 39kcal
Function of the main nutrients contained in the papaya ( ※ It differs from the nutritive value ofBio-Normalizer)
【Vitamin A 】 Keeps hair healthy, prevents weakening of eyesight and night blindness, acquires resistance towards infections on the respiratory diseases such as in bronchial tube, lungs and etc.,keeping the skin and mucous membrane in normal condition and maintaining the reproductive functions..
【Vitamin B 1 】 Insufficiency of vitamin B1 results to a poor energy metabolism of carbohydrates,and such symptoms appears like,fatique,numbness on the limbs,dropsy,palpitations etc.And it helps enzyme to resolve carbohydrates and converts into energy.
【Vitamin C 】 Works to suppress the formation of melanin pigments that causes freckles and other skin blemishes,also essential for the formation of collagen for a firm skin. Helps the white blood corpuscle to fight against the disease-causing bacteria ,etc,such as viruses that enters into the body.
【Vitamin E 】 "It is called ""rejuvenating vitamin."" Blood circulation is improved by pressing the autonomic nerves to fuction to prevent the composition of lipid peroxide considered to be the cause of aging by the capacity of antioxidant. "
【Calcium 】 Calcium is the most included mineral in the body among all mineral, it is anutrient that builds up the bones and teeth.
【Magnesium 】 By activating the function of enzyme, through the physiological effect that that prompted the contraction of muscles with the concern of nervous signal induction, it prevents heart diseases such as ,angina pectoris, coronary infarction,and arrhythmia, and hypertensions.,And it also works to calm down nervous exaltation.
【Selenium 】 Expected effects, such as improving the menopausal disorder and impaired blood circulation, to prevent cerebral strokes and heart attacks wich is triggered by asteriosclerosis, and prevents cancer, and because the antioxidative function is approximately 500 times the vitamin E., it serves as an essential ingredient to papyrifera in resolving lipoperoxide , and thus protect the body from harmful reactive oxygen.
【β-Carotene】 Transforms into vitamin A inside the body and work as a vitamin A. In addition, as an antioxidant it prevents the body from from oxidation, and from lifestyle-related diseases, so with arteriosclerosis and cardiac infarction.And because the property is an oil soluble, it is easily absorb into the body when you fry it or toss it with sesame seed.
【β-Cryptoxanthin】 "Serves as a powerful barrier to the normal cell against the attack of carcigenetic substance and reactive oxygen. . By strengthening the mucous membrane and the effectiveness of antioxidant an afficacy to cancer can be expected., "
【Lycopene 】 The antioxidant action of lycopene is more or less twice of the beta-carotene and can be helpful for the prevention of cancer or arteriosclerosis, It is well known because of its abundance in tomatoes.
【Zeaxanthin 】 " It is said to be effective for the prevention and improvement of glaucomatous, cataract, declining of eyesight by protecting the oxidation of the retina from the ultraviolet rays.It has the ability to eliminate reactive oxygen.And because its a fat soluble element, suction is effective when taken at the same time with fats. "
【Polyphenol 】 By blocking the oxidation of the accumulated bad character of LDL cholesterol that is injested in the body ,it prevents hypertension, arteriosclerosis and heart disease, cerebrovascular disease which is caused by arteriosclerosis.Also,it has a superior antibacterial effect against O-157,antitumor effect,suppressing the increase of bacteria of the tooth cavity, decreasing the blood sugar count to prevent diabetes..
【Pectin 】 It is a natural polysaccharide that works as a "cement" to connect plant cell when combined with other ingredients such as cellulose,etc, as the structural component of the cell wall of a plant. It also acts on internal disorder, effective in preventing constipation and diarrhea.In addtion, it works to lower the LDL cholesterol in the blood especially the bad character LDL,and gathered attention for the good effects in diabetes, cardiac infarction and arteriosclerosis .i
【Pantothenic Acid 】 CoA, works in the body, as a part of coenzyme, and is also called as B5.It is related in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, and protein just like the other vitmin B complex. Heps in the functioning of the adrenal glands, acts for anti-stress, increasing the good cholesterol and contributes for the prevention of illness of the heart and blood vessels.
【Saponin 】 It is clarified that there are variety of physiological actions, such as the abstraction of cholesterol that is in the blood vessel and decreases the blood fat. It controls the formation of fatty acid peroxide which serves as the base in producing thrombus in the body for the prevention of arteriosclerosis.
【Benzyl glucosinolate 】 From the functions of the useful ingredient contained in the plant called "Maca" native of the Andes known for its invigorating nutrition etc.,by promoting the nutrition and invigoration and the secretion of growth hormone, includes relief from the menopausal disorder. In addition, it is also suggested in a certain extent to be effective in preventing ageing process when taken actively , because of the effect on the promotion of the secretion of growth hormone.
【Folic acid 】 Among the vitamin B complex, the main function is the formation and maturation of red corpuscles ,but it is also an essential element for the composition of protein and nucleic acid for the cell division to function actively.Furtheremore,it is a vital nutrient for the normal function development of the cell and histogenesis of the living body.
【Isothiocyanate 】 By degrading the histamine inside the body as the source of the pains,it is said to be effective in relieving pains of lumbago,stiff shoulders, and eyestrain because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions.The content maybe more or same as the brocolli.
【Superoxide dismutase 】 It is an enzyme that eliminates excessive reactive oxygen inside the body, excessive formation of reactive oxygen may cause life related diseases besides cancer, atopic dermatitis and so fort, it may also be the cause of wrinkles and freckles.
【Calpain 】 It is an enzyme that regulates the cell and living body by the ablation of the intracellular protein. And it was figured out that mascular dystrophy and gastrointestinal illness and etc., may occur due to that malfunction.