Green papaya plantation

The state of Batangas which is well-known as the production area of papaya is cultivating papaya without using chemical substances.

Experimental agricultural land

It be only sold genetically modified fruit in Japan is "Papaya".

While the controversy of the transgenics papayas till continous in Hawaii, regulation clearance was favored on December 1, 2011. And the sale of the transgenics papaya from Hawaii started by the funds of the U.S. Costco Japan, in mid-December.
The GMOs(genetically modified raw food) which is strictly restricted in Japan is the only fruit to be sold, the papaya brand is called ""Rainbow"".

The genetically-modified papaya came over to Japan

The virus called ringspot

The papaya which was affected by a ringspot virus

Behind the backdrop on the influence of the virus called ringspot which spread in Hawaii around 1990,the commercial marketing of the rainbow papaya started in America in 1998.If the papaya is inefected with the virus i.e. ringspot, a ringspot will be developed in the fruits.
And visible conditions such as ,slow growth of the stem, chlorosis and mosaic of the leaves, on the obesity of the fruit , sugar content and crop yield will decrease. In that case the papaya industry is on the brink of collapse, the papaya orchard of Hawaii will be ruined at once and the distribution of papaya as a product is impossible.
The scientist, Dennis Gonsalves of the Department of Agricultural Affairs of the United States expressed the immune system of a plant through a gene recombination. A disease causing virus cannot damage a genetically modified plant. And now ,the rainbow papaya occupies 80% of the papayas in Hawaii.

"Vitality"demmanded from a papaya

Even if it ate the argument on GMO (genetically modified organism), safety or ? became a subject for discussion.
But the developer of Bio-Normalizer,Dr. Akira Osato also stressed out the importance ""if it has enough natural vitality"", same with the safeness of the food, of course. In Miyazaki,Okinawa in Japan,the research of papaya cultivated in a farm hous to avoid diseases is progressing and the use of fish meal for soil improvement and there was no problem on the taste and nutritional value. However the research of Dr. Akira Osato for papaya around the world ended in Batangas sate in the Philippines.
That is, it came into conclusion that a papaya cultivated in the southern countries near the equatorial line and bear the blazing sunlight has an extremely high vitality.

Seeking the mystery of life

In pursuit of the vital force

Although the chemically numeric conversion of the vitality of foods may be difficult, but anything is a challenge researc begun in our company's experimental farm of Bio-Normalizer .
Although it may sound not to be so wide with the extent of 1.5ha., as for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, the cultivation area of Miyazaki Prefecture measures 2.3 ha.," the cultivated area of papaya and the crop yield" according to the " survey of track record on the shipping of produced special products and fruits" it was valued to 65.2% in the year, 2006 (FY20).

Cultivation area and crop yields of a papaya .
(FY2008 "Investigation track record of shipment of special product and fruit tree production " )


Cultivated area(ha)

Crop yields(t)










The total