Time line in Bio-Normalizer

The founder of Bio-Normalizer, Dr. Akira Osato, devoted his career for the sake of research and his desire for world peace , thus the history of Bio-Normalizer begun.

Joint Research

QOL=Quality of Life


Man is a living thing.What they seek is a precise remedy attached to the importance of humanity. The modern medical treatment is only looking at the symptoms of diseases.They excert effort in eliminating only the symptoms, but, a disease cannot be completely cure without eliminating the pathogenesis of the diesase.
However, accumulation of the medical treatment that only looks at the symptoms od the disease and cure it the medical supplies is incurable, it will turn into a strange disease and inflicts damage to human., is the thing that can't be done at the present condition.We endeavor for development and research from various viewpoints for the thoughts of a healthy mind and body.

The research of Bio-Nornalizer

Various clinical studies are now performed in famous public research organization


1. The Russian Aviation Space Agency, is making use of the excellent properties of Bio-Normalizer in the rainy season .
The astronaut performed a human body clinical experiment at the 6th Russian Military Medical Reseach Institution ilitary to the purpose of normalizing a person with terrifying declined reflexes by a tremendous stress. As a result, the the reflexes of the astronaut who was prescribed with bio-normalizer became very much better rather than the time of his good condition, the revelation of the wonderful result which no one has never attained. The result was released by the International Cosmology Association. Up to the present the research to the relevant field is still going on.
2. Now,clinical experiment is about to start in National Hospitals (overseas)using Bio-Normalizer,for example, in an internal transplant surgery ( more than 100 case yearly) in the world. Although the preliminary test made a good result, it is not recognized in the scientist world if there's no acumulated proofs of a number of clinical research on medical cases. As of now the country name and hospital name is not released.

Collaborative research institute

The principal research institute which performed a collaborative research that announced the scientific research paper inside and outside the academic society are the following.

Japan Okayama University, Yamagata Technopolis Foundation, Ehime University, FALCO Research Institute , National Cancer Center East Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology, , Nagoya City University, Shimane University, (Louis Pasteur Center for Medical Research Foundation, Kyoto) Gifu University, Osaka Dental University
Overseas University of Santo Tomas, Russian State Medical University, Russia Research Institute of Pediatric Hematology, Russian Vitamins Research Institute, University of California, Berkeley, University of Rome, La Sabienza University, St. Anne Hospital, Niguarda Hospital, Eko-Nahm Research Institute, University of Bordeaux
Tianjin Medical University Joint Research Signing ceremony