On Copyrighted Material, Academic Data, and Use of Trademarks

The information posted on the Official Bio-Normalizer Site (abbreviated "this site" below) is protected by various laws including those of copyright.
Any use, reproduction, or publication according to copyright expression will be carried out in accordance with the conditions outlined in the"Contract for the Permission of Use" to be negotiated with this company.
Reproduction, copying, or distribution of information on this site will be allowed only after agreement with this company's regulations for outlet store registration and the following conditions.

We permit the use of all information as a condition of being listed as a retail outlet on the representative outlets information page of this site. For businesses not listed on this page or for individuals, the purpose for using the information is limited to provision of information, individual usage, and non-commercial usage.
Do not alter the contents of the information.
Do not commit any reproduction or distribution of trademarks or academic data apart from this document or other such related documents. Also, do not quote the materials out of context.

On the Use of Posted Characters, Names, and Images

The characters, names and images posted on this site such as Akira Osato are protected by the rights of portrait and privacy rights. Use by a third party without consent is prohibited.