Harvest of green papaya

Seeking for the best papaya

How to estimate the freshness of papaya

"The white powder (powder of fruit, bloom) that is generally adhered in the surface of the skin of a green papaya.has adhered to the blue papaya at the surface of the skin, and the whole. This is a nature substance naturally secreted from a fresh fruit to avoid moisture evaporation and for protection against diseases and of course it is harmful to human.And the fermenting process of green papaya starts before the bloom disappears, because the bloom is easily removed even in just a soft touch, and the freshness can be detected by the condition of the bloom. "  

There's a lot of difficulties in cultivating a good shape of papaya

"The tradition during the harvest of Bio-Normalizer "

Papaya gauge to measure the size suitable for harvest

In order to harvest the best quality of papaya, Bio-Normalizer performs the harvesting during high tide on full moon and new moon, adjusting to the biological rhythm of the creature.According to the developer of Bio-Normalizer, Dr. Akira Osato,the delivery of animals(including men) is mostly on the full tide, and it is related to the month of plantind seed on full tide for the sprout to easily breakout. As for the harvesting of a green papaya, it is based on the potential growth as big as the fist (smaller than the usual)size of a papaya is the choiced size suitable to be picked, and as much as possible, to avoid too much picking in one tree so as not to weaken the papaya tree.

Bi-Normalizer has the mysterious power of the life.

"It is oftenly said that a creature knows the brightness of the moon(waxing and waning of the moon), particularly the Chiromantes haematocheir (red-clawed crabs) and the sea turtles, are known to lay eggs during full tide of spring tide on new moon and full moon.And after the full tide the eggs are carried with the ebb tide offshore and can drift deeply.... The ovipositonal season of the corals on full moon is also famous. Even in the field of medicine ,there are reported data that surgical operations during spring tide is apt to hemorrhage and child delivery is safe during full tide of spring tide.   From the belief of Bio-Normalizer to the intimate relation of the moon and the life,the harvesting of papaya is performed."

To be careful when harvesting so as not to weaken the papaya tree

.Leron leron sinta ... a kind of folk song sung at the time of cultivation of papaya farm

Leron Leron Sinta(Tagalog Version)

Leron Leron Sinta   Buko ng Papaya
Dala dala'y buslo   Sisidlan ng sinta
Pagdating sa dulo'y   Nabali ang sanga
Kapos kapalaran   Humanap ng iba.