The efforts of the production staff

Introduce the measures of staff to manufacture Bio-Normalizer.

In order to observe the "quality standards of Japan"
All employees always carry with them a card with the written 4 oaths “VISION, Food Safety Policy, Food Safety Objectives”

The factory staff of our company is excellent, deligent, and cheerful filipina. Without fail, in order to prevent mixing of various germs, changing of shoes on the main entrance and factory entrance, hand-washing, gargling and disinfection is strictly enforced the condition check (because of dealing with microbes which is not visible, anyone in bad condition cannot enter into the factory) every morning. Attires should be in full defense and enter the room after airshower.
Complete sterilization of equipments and keeping things tidy and in order and cleaning is implemented everyday .Moreover, the person in-charge to check the rules whether the rules is observe is assigned, to check the staff and to submit a report weekly.Furthermore, the factory manager whether the person in-charge of checking is accurately surveyed, and a double, tripple check control is performed everywhere.

Four oaths are written down

Attention to "sanitary management"

Attention to sanitary management.

It is necessary to pay meticulous attention of falling hair in the food factory, especially the factory which uses yeast like the Bio-Normalizer and to perform hygiene management. As one of the idea, a working uniform is recommended.The clean uniform which prevents mixing to the product by fall of body hair by sealing thoroughly a cuff, the hem of a coat, and the hem of the pants just like the right illustration.

Please takes care of Filipino mentality

In the Philippines factory,normal temperature is setup to (25 degrees). Although it is easy thing to do, the Filipino staff is always going to lower the preset temperature of an air-conditioner. And air conditioning capability is set into the maximum ....... Majority of the Philippine house has no air-conditioner, and is not practiced in air-conditioner operation. Filipinos have the culture of the shame called ""hiya."" the reason of not scolding unsparingly. There is culture in Japan""to bear"" even if Japanese people receive a rebuke in a company whether good or bad,in Japan it is what they call ""prestige"". However, Filipinos have a poor sense of bearing and sometimes merely have the thinking of having insulted. Understanding the Filipinos' character and protecting their customs and culture,means keeping ""quality standards of Japan"" to be distinct on the point of improvement of work, and a continuous efforts to a constant management

I interviewed the Philippine plant manager, MILAGROSA (Myra)
Ms. Myra was scouted as a microbiologist by Dr. Akira Osato , the first microbiological person.

The member of collaborative investigation era with the Gifu University in Japan
(a) Preliminary investigation of fermentation with yeast and lactic acid
(b) Determining protein and organic acids in Spectrophotometric analysis
(c) Measurement of protein quality
(d) Measuring the active ingredient of Bio-Normalizer using HPLC chromatography
(e) Scientific and biological analysis of Bio-Normalizer
(f) Identification of the proteins by electrophoresis
(g) Measurement of the seizure activity of Bio-Normalizer enzyme as mediation
(h) Performed a research concerning the influence of the anti-mutation of Bio-Normalizer as the theme, and to measure the activity of the extract α-gucosidasetof Bio-Normalizer.
At that time led by Dr. Akira Osato as the main, French Dr. Luc Montagnier conferred Nobel Prize forPhysiological Science and Medicine, and American Dr. Packer were devoted to the study of Bio-normalizer, and I was honored, for I was welcomed by the member as one of them.  My responsibility now is to immerse for the continuous improvement of the manufacturing process of Bio-Normalizer in accordance with the goal of the company to always provide a high quality product to the customer consistently, and to always meet the demand and request of the clients. Hence, I have to carry out my personal duties to urge a comprehensive effort between staff to move towards the aim to common goal and to keep in mind the common profit.


Graduate of B.S. Biological Sciences
University of the Philippines-Manila>
1984-1986 M.S. Microbiology                                                                    
University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City
1988-1989 International Post-Graduate University Course in Microbiology sponsored by UNESCO and Japanese Government held in Osaka University with cooperation of    University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, Kyushu University    and Kyoto University
2009 present: Presiden 
Bio-Normalizer Nutraceutical Corporation
First Philippine Industrial Park, Sto. Tomas, Batangast
2007- 2008 Manager
A personal business on mushroom growing/cultivation and
Part-time on consulting jobs
1996-2007 Researcher/ Asst. Plant Manager
Osato Bio-Industry Corporation
Laguna Technopark, Inc. Laguna, Philippines
1992-1996 1992-1996: Researcher
Sun-O International, Inc
Gifu, Japan
1992 Researcher
Fil Sun-O International, Inc.
Makati, Philippines
1990-1991> Laboratory Analyst
Templa & Associates Consultancy, Manila
1986-1988 Research Assistant II
Department of Science and Technology & ASEAN Food
Technology Research and University of the Philippines
-Food Science Department, Diliman, Quezon City
1988 Laboratory Analyst
Bendana, Brown, Pizarro and Associates
Pasig, M.M.
1984-1987 Lecturer in Microbiology and Parasitology
University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City
1983-1984 Lecturer in Zoology
University of the Philippines- Manila
Jun 1982-
Dec 1982
On-the-job Laboratory Training Department of Science and Technology, Manila
I interview a Philippine production person in charge, ART (arts)
Mr. Arts is an expert who received direct instruction from Dr. Akira Osato the method of manufacturing.

In the new factory,the process of production has improved . For example, the pasteurization of raw materials, infusion of juices, the elevation of the ability of the agitator to be used in the fermentation process.
To continuously provide a high quality health foods and always dedicate for betterment as a company.  
All staff working at the Philippines factory ( BIO-NORMALIZER NUTRACEUTICAL CORP )were trained to do a variety of work..
1. Head: Factory Administrator-Management, (production supervisor)
2. Assistant Factory Manager-Assistant of factory supervisor.
3. Quality Control Officer-- laboratory duties, raw materials, products and analysis of finished products
4. Production staff-related to manufacturing
5. Staff Administration---office works, documents preparation and management
6. Utility / driver---delivery service Every individual works hard to carry out responsibility regarding all business related service and related product preparation and finished product management.
In Bio-Normalizer, besides the health insurance payment, we also take into consideration the social welfare program just like in Japan, by providing assistance in a small amount to the sick family of the employees, the treatment is good compared to other foreign-affiliated firm ,and all employees feels happy and exrts effort for the operatio of the company............

Mr. Arts