Employee Engagement

Sun-O International Most Energetic Female Employee.

 [Ms.Hitomi Nagano is very active and cheerful.She was hired beacause of her strong personality] Ms. Hitomi Nagano is a very healthy and attractive woman just like green papaya,as she was describe by the senior staff in-charge of her recruitment.Her ambition to work and deal with foreign countries,is apt for the spirit of Sun-O.

The Description of My Current Job.

 My main job is to enlarge the sales base in foreign countries and trade business in the Philippines.Often ,I induct course to Japanese retailers and guide them to the Philippine factory. I spend most of the year in foreign countries, from Shanghai, hongkong,Taiwan, Malaysia to Papua New Guinea."To deal with the world may sound very [stunning].But on the other hand, the problem on language barrier due to the differences in culture might suppress you in distress".Then, I would take Bio-Normalizer to get over.

The Ground for Choosing Sun-O International

 The most impressive and I enjoyed being myself was my interview with Sun-O International.During my interview as I was talking about my experience as an announcer of the district baseball trial,I was requested to announce [ pitcher no.4, Maeda] by the company executive.Later on after I was hired by the company,I can't believe of what I've heard[that the ground of my employment is that I made the announcement smoothly].I never heard the name of the company, Sun-O International. I had a little idea about the product Bio-Normalizer ,but honestly that was not the ground of my application. I read the HP of the companyand I felt aspired of the history of Dr. Akira Ozato who flapped worldwide from Gifu.The main reason why I applied to this company is, I thought that if ever I will be employed,I can travel to other countries.

Ideal Person

 Ms.Ayako Imoto.You may not have any idea because it's written in chinese character(kanji). Ms. Imoto is playing an active part in the variety show[Sekai no hate made "Itte Q"] as a rare animal hunter. Her personality came out first to my mind when asked why I considered her to be my objective,but I was not able to explain the reason well.Maybe it's because she's giving all her best to whatever challenge she is in to.

What have you been to before joining Sun-O International?

 "I've worked in a company that is based in Central Japan International Airport in Nagoya simultaneously with the opening of the airport.Through my work, I enjoyed taking communication to the people of any country in the world,and my longing to live in foreign countries became stronger .
 Then I took advantage of my working holiday and went off to Australia.After working as a tourist guide in the big city of Sydney,I moved to another field of activity, I did the work of fruit picking in a farm in a countryside wherein you can see the red soil spread all over. Gifu too is blessed with the bounty of nature, but,I was also impress of the depth and abundance of Australia.
 The farms is located in two places,in the eastern part of Queensland State,Bundaberg, and on the inland Emerald. Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland state.At the south of Brisbane is the GoldCoast and at the north is the Sunshine Coast resort. A few kilometers offshore from the eastern part of the coastline lies the famous Great Barrier Reef. I harvested paprika and sweet potato in Bundaberg.
 I will never forget the deliciousness of the sweet potato that I've tasted for sometimes.I harvested grape in the agricultural farm of Emerald.The piece- work system of doing work in a limited range of time, harvesting , measuring ,weighing and packing. On the first day ,I was about to breakdown. There are times where in I get a cut on my hands from a scissor, but my coworkers are all good so I tried my best to hold on .
 After a day's work, while watching the sunset,I felt that I have spent the days with fulfillment (I can feel at this moment) that I've never experience in my life before.
 It has been my dream since my early childhood[to live in a foreign country] on a working holiday,and I felt satisfied because I've gone through the first step of my dream. "

To All Job Hunters

 "What is your dream?[Employment] Do you have any thoughts about this?In the [Freedom to choose a career], which is specified in the constitution, meaning ,anyone has the freedom to choose the kind of career you want to according to your own aptitude and ability.Through employment you can plan the stability of life.and then self-fulfillment can be plan through work.And truely, there are different kinds of works and companies in this world.
 For instance, the important factors that will make you happy,such as surprisingly high income and exhibited company status in the suroundings.But ,the only factor that can make you happy more than anything is in Sun-O.That is through Bio-Normalizer, ""you can make people happy"".This is how I feel in my everyday work..And to everyone, have you ever think[if you can make yourself happy] and at the same time [can you make people happy]."