The History of Sun-O International for 43 years.

1969 Developed the functional foods [Bio-Normalizer]
1988 The [Bio-Catalyst] was made into a product as a nutraceutical of which base was from the edible tropical plants, and the production of the commercial base of the trade name[Bio-Normalizer] started.Sales in the domestic and foreign market started.
1989 Remarkably succeeded in decreasing the production cost and continuous manipulation possible through (high temperature reaction adaptability,intense coherent),by the alcohol microbe fermentation. International commission to National Institute of Bioscience and Human-Technology Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1991 The Scientific thesis about elimiting free radicals "Bio-Catalyzer α・ρNo.11 (Bio-Normalizer No.11) and its by- product" was announced, and found out that "Bio-Normalizer" is an antioxidants which can eliminate free radical.
1993 Dispatch for humanitarian relief missions for bomb survivors of Ukraine Chernobyl nuclear accident.
1994 Establishment of OzatoResearch Institute in the Philippines
Established the Ozato Research Institute in Russia National Medical University and started a collaborative research with the university.
1995 Upon knowing about the relief activities of the humanitarian mission to a lot of victims of the Chernobyl Nuclear plant explosion accident and radiation contamination,the former President Gorbachev and his wife Mrs.Raisa, visited Gifu and bestow a certificate of appreciation.
1996 Put up the manufacturing factory of [Bio-Normalizer] into completion and started the operation at the bonded area inside the Laguna Technopark in the Philippines.Started the collaborative research with Gifu Cooperative Research Center at the Gifu University.
1999 Ozato Research Institute discovered [AKIRA -strain], a new lactic acid bacteria fermentation, and started to apply for the research and manufacture of "Bio-Normalizer".Recieved the award for the "Quality of Life" from the World Ageing Society through the sponsorship of the WHO.
2001 The purchase was decided by the Medical Institute of the Philippine Government Organization (PCSO) to be utilized for the project of free assistance for the poor patients
2002 Dispatch for health mission upon the invitation of the Chief of State of Papua New Guinea,against malaria. The signing of agreement for the supply of Bio-Normalizer was witnessed at the Japan Embassy between the Chief of State and Japan Ambassador.
2003 Practice humanitarian mission in Tienjin National Medical University against the SARS epidemic in China ,donated [Bio-Normalizer] and recieved a Certificate of Appreciation.
2004 The recognition of Bio-Normalizer as a health food was officially certified by the Chinese Government health and Medical Bureau as a“a hygienic food for immunity adjustment".
2006 Practiced humanitarian mission through [Bio-Normalizer] for the [Aids Children Hospice] in Thailand.
2009 Relocation of the manufacturing factory of Bio-Normalizer at Batangas Economic Zone in the Philippines.
2011 The Philippine factory acquired the HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control),GMP( Good Manufacturing Practice and the ISO22000(International Criterion Standard).
2012 フィリピン工場にて、ハラル 工場認証を取得。
2012 モンドセレクションのダイエットならび健康製品部門にて、初出品で金賞受賞。

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