Message from the CEO

The vision of "Bio-Normalizer"is to free people
from sufferings of illness , and to show the posibility
of life-forms to live healthy to the fullest extent.

     "Bio-Normalizer is the first health food in the world from a ripened ,fermented papaya in 1969.The raw material used is the unripe green papaya from the Philippines .The green papaya is rich in vitamins,minerals, antioxidant components and decomposed enzyme rather than a ripen papaya and it was known as a[Medical fruit] in the ancient times. It was told that a sailor who was suffering from scurvy was cured when Marco Polo, the explorer, fed him with the fruit. This only means that the Philippine papaya is superior in nutrition. And the high quality papaya that is used as the raw material of Bio-Normalizer is being harvest by contract farmers without using agricultural chemicals and commercial fertilizers.
     Normally, papaya does'nt ferment naturally. For that reason, our company uses original yeast for fermentation,the [SUN-O Strain] and [AKIRA Strain]. Fermented food products makes difference in taste so as to the cheese and the fermented soybean of Japan by the active ingredients used such as yeast and raw materials, the variation of time in fermentation process, temperature and humidity.
     The reason why I was so obsessive about the orginal yeast and the green papaya from the Philippines, after the long 43 years of development of Bio-Normalizer is to let everyone in the world know the wonder of the real fermented green papaya that other companies cannot immitate.
The Inventor, Dr. Akira Ozato,<1930~2008>, advocated his desire for peace to all mankind,through the continuous implementation of humanitarian mission such as, the victims of radiation and survivors from the explosion of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant , Russian Infant Leukemia patient,Lead poisoning patient, China SARS patient,and AIDS infant patient in Thailand.
     Through this achievement, former President Gorbachev and his wife Mrs.Raisa visited Gifu in 1995 and bestow a Certificate of Appreciation.Also the China Ministry of Hygiene recognize the effectiveness of Bio-Normalizer for the decline of immune system of a person and is officially registered as [the health food for Immune Modulation] For 43 years since the invention of Bio-Normalizer,research was repeatedly done ,and the research thesis has exceeded to more than 130 volumes. The figure is not only the framework of the papaya fermented foods ,but also the comparison to other medicinal components of medicine and health foods.
      And in 2009 a new factory was established in the First Philippines Industrial Park in Santo Tomas, Batangas City in the Philippines to promote these achievements.In order to produce and offer to the customers with reassurance a high quality and more stable products than ever before,we strengthen our traceability and more massive with the research functions in the factory. "


What's New

Expectant graduates of universities on March, 2013,post graduates (complete) or those who have graduated with the same framework with the newly graduates who wish to be employed (with or without work experience is not necessary) will be the object of recruitment.

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