Intorducing Sun-O International Co., Ltd.


Company Nam Sun- O International Co., Ltd.
Founded February, 1965
Stock 63,000000yen
Number of Employees 29 staffs
Business Contents

◆ Natural science development and research of new substances especially in the field of bioscience,and academic research on the effectiveness.
◆ Academic research and manufacturing development of nutraceutical "Bio-Normalizer".
◆Sun-O microorganism fermentation and registration to AKIRA Industrial Research Institute to share research and discoveries.
◆The research of 「Biopathy」and Academic Clinical research of total living organism concerning health.
◆ Company developed technology and products manufacturing, sales and trading business.
◆ Humanitarian mission and social support activities .
◆ Participation in forums and conference of correlative industries.
◆ Development and production of soil improvement materials.

Business Base and Access Guide

■ Sun-O International CO.,Ltd
〒 500-8069
24 Imako Street Gifu City
TEL +81-58-264-6221
FAX +81-58-264-6337

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■Kyoto branch office
226-9,kamiikesumachi.kamigyo-ku,kyoto city,Japan
TEL +81-75-252-2666

kyoto branch office


■Philippine Factory
Lot 2, B-6, Phase 1B First Philippine Industrial Park,
Brgy. Pantay Bata, Tanauan City,
Batangas, 4232 Philippines
TEL (63)043-703-8100



What's New

Expectant graduates of universities on March, 2013,post graduates (complete) or those who have graduated with the same framework with the newly graduates who wish to be employed (with or without work experience is not necessary) will be the object of recruitment.

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