Environmental Sustainability

The aims of Sun-O for the environmental approach.


The origin of the implementation of Sun-O International in the environmental activity is the desire to make the " customers feel the happiness at all times","Happiness" is varies depending on the person. There's alot of examples ,to mention a few, such as "Life is wealthy and do not worry about money", "a harmonious home filled with smiles","can take delicious meal everyday"," a reliable person",etc.
However,happiness comes because of a good .."Health"The mission of Sun-O International is to support the"Health" of everybody through food. And, that a good product supports the "Health" of everyone.
Because of that it is necessary to think about the environmental approach from the viewpoint for the procurement of a good quality raw material etc. Our continious business activity is to pursuit everyones "Happiness" which is our happiness too. And,we ,at the Sun-O International implements environmental activities,to wish for the happiness to all the lives in the future.

What's New

Expectant graduates of universities on March, 2013,post graduates (complete) or those who have graduated with the same framework with the newly graduates who wish to be employed (with or without work experience is not necessary) will be the object of recruitment.

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