Code of conduct

The Nine Code of Conducts of Sun-O

 As a member of the society, all individuals involved with Bio-Normalizer should have an specific awareness and responsibility to act fairly in compliance with social rules as well as laws concerning the following matters.

1.To put into practice the management of confidential information. Stipulate company regulation to be diligent in the prevention of insider transaction.
2.To respect copyrights,intellectual property rights of industrial property rights, etc.and to have an accurate knowledge about the intellectual property rights to be thoroughly known to everyone, and the ability of accurate judgement.
3.Will not tolerate misconduct by officers and employees,if in case done on the contrary, will be faced in suitable sanction. Also, take precautions on the activities outside the company leading to the disadvantage of particular business connections, such as behavior, etc.
4. Any descrimination in race, nationality, gender,religion, with or without physical disability shall not prevail. Sexual harassment and power harassment is forbidden.
5.Not to make any connection with the anti-social influence and gangs, and should not perform activities with the anti-social influence.
6.Should aim to gain appreciation of business quality from business connections without practicing deviation from the social common sense,such as giving gifts, regale and other sort of reception.
7.The act of giving money and goods,regale and other sort of reception to government emplyees and other party is prohibited by law.
8.As a corporate citizen we should actively contribute and engaged in the activities of the society and local community to build a good relationship.
9.To provide and improve education training system for the opportunity to maximize individual ability.

What's New

Expectant graduates of universities on March, 2013,post graduates (complete) or those who have graduated with the same framework with the newly graduates who wish to be employed (with or without work experience is not necessary) will be the object of recruitment.

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