About Genetic Modification

To concentrate on a highly secured raw material procurement.

While the consciousness to "food safety"fron the customers increases, strict inspection of quality is carried out for every materials of a product, and also performing periodical quality audit to a supplier etc., and to concentrate on a highly secured raw material procurement.


Analysis of test items DNA sequences derived from genetically modified crops
Specimen name Green papaya
Subject of inspection Papaya (55-1) / papaya (PRSV-YK)
Inspection method PCR method
Result Not detected
Implementation organization Japan Food Research Laboratories
Analysis number No. 12077402001-01
Inspection date August 14, 2012
Genetically modified products are not used regardless of the display obligation.

(1) Processed foods such as soybean, corn, potatoes, alfalfa,sugar beets, the proportion is more than 5% of the total weight of the product, under the Japanese Agricutural Standard of Japan and above top three items, (2) if those are genetically modified crops or only a case of non-seperation, to display indication is mandatory. In other words, if you use genes genetically modified raw materials but as long as the proportion do not exceed to more than 5% of the total weight there's no need to display indication.As fo what I can see to the corns and soybeans , they use high percentage of genetically modified crops as a raw material.  Regardless of label indications, our company do not use genetically modified crops. Hawaii, as the base of the GMO papaya is also exported in Japan , but the raw materials used in Bio-Normalizer is the strong vitality green papaya from the Philippines only.

※「GMO」…the abbreviation for Genetically Modified Organisms.

2. Countermeasures for reputation risk
We have considered it effective towards rumors and  excessive reaction of emotional beliefs and judgments.


DNA sequences derived from genetically modified crops
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About inspection organization

Saiga Institute of Technology Foundation is conducting research and analysis, on the quality and safety of agricultural products, craftman,founded in April 1963.
Japan Food Research Laboratories
Phone :03 -3 469 -7 131,
52-1, Kimachi Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒 151-0062

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