Support to the Tōhoku region

As a part of the support to the disaster area


Project name Tohoku support
Implementation period October,2011~
Implementing organization Prema Fund
Forms of assistance Supporting the fundraising activity and installation of donation boxes
Contents of Support

"This time, I asked for a help to the Prema Funds , to go to the affected area in Fukushima. Actually, I headed to the affected area from my home in Kyoto with my private car and packed up Bio-Normalizer in the car all that I can possibly pack up in April, 2011, a month after the earthquake.I brought with me the Bio-Normalizer and hand it to the power plant office ,for the workers of the nuclear plant and affected areas to use , but the truth is that it never reached the hands of the workers.Since then, I""ve always thought of supporting the disaster area but I dont know how to get there,and this feeling is about to disgusts me ,when a proposal for a support to the disaster area came from tha Prema Fund.Then ,this time,I can go with a company to the disaster area. "

"The news about the nuclear power plant when I had a talk to the education related persons ,in a school, kindergarten, a fisherman, and farmers, the news seen in television or a newspaper is merely superficial.The present miserable condition that the affected areas are facing, the problems they are facing to,the environment, and I was touched because of their strong will toward the future that taught me a lesson instead of my giving suport to them.Bio-Normalizer was given to the victims of the radiation exposure of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, in 1986, and the clinical result was announced to the world through a thesis. By the humanitarian mission,the former President Gorbachev and his wife visited Gifu, where the head office is,and granted a ""Letter of Appreciation"". This time,as the sole distributor and manufacturer of Bio-Normalizer,the subject of my travel to visit the affected area is to know how the Bio-Normalizer be utilized. Through the Prema Fund, the Bio-Normalizer will effectively be utilize, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And,through this visit ,I felt the need of a continuous long term support to the disaster area. If Bio-Normalizer is necessary for the support to the people of the area ,our company would likely be in support inspite of the poor ability. " Kenji Meda

What's New

Expectant graduates of universities on March, 2013,post graduates (complete) or those who have graduated with the same framework with the newly graduates who wish to be employed (with or without work experience is not necessary) will be the object of recruitment.

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