About Food Additives

Bio-Normalizer does not contain food additives

Food additives is not included in the Bio-Normalizer. Dextrose which is the raw material of the commodity is the food yeast (microorganism) that works to ferment the green papaya,also called [Glucose], or [Grpe Sugar] It tastes sweet ,but the purpose is not to sweeten the food.


The main types of food additives and its uses
Type Purpose and effect Examples of food additives
Sweetener Give sweetness to food
Xylitol, aspartame
Coloring Food coloring to adjust the color Gardenia yellow iodine dye, cochineal
Preservative Inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria, improved food preservation Sorbic acid, protein extract milt
Thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent Sticky and gives a smooth feel to the food, improve stability Pectin, sodium carboxymethylcellulose
Antioxidant Prevent the oxidation of fats and oils, and good storage stability Sodium erythorbate
Coloring agent / coupler To improve the color and flavor, such as ham and sausage Sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate
Blanch Bleached foods, white, clean Sodium sulfite, sodium hyposulfite
Fungicide To prevent the occurrence of mold, such as citrus imports Ortho-phenylphenol
Spice Flavored food to Orange flavoring, vanillin
Acidulant Give a sour taste to food Citric acid, lactic acid
Seasoning And give flavor to food, adjust the seasoning L-glutamic acid sodium
Emulsifier Uniformly mix water and oil Lecithin plant
pH adjuster Adjust the pH of the food, the better the quality DL-malic acid, sodium lactate
Swelling agent To plump and cakes, to soften Sodium hydrogen carbonate, dried alum

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