2) Manufacturing

Product making syarts from human development.


About the safety of raw material

"Green papaya, which is a raw material of Bio-Normalizer is a genes of evergreen plant family papaya. (caricaceae,carica) It is said that the origin is in Latin American ,it was discovered in16th century, by the Spaniards, was introduced to the Caribbean coast.
It is grown in tropical and subtropical regions, the main producing countries are India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, and the Philippines.. Most of the papaya, which is imported to Japan is from the Philippines because of its good quality.
Japan's first genetically modified crops as (GMO), are imported to Japan from Hawaii. The genetically modified papaya developed in Hawaii was examined scientifically, and there was no quetion about it, but our company did'nt make use of it.
Its not that we refuse the GMO papaya, but the base of the raw material of Bio-Normalizer is the ""papaya that is full of vital energy""."

1. Not to forget the feeling of gratitude to the people of the green papaya plantation.

Green papaya farm as the procurement of raw materials made an exclusive contract with us. We selected this farms to ensure a high quality standard that meets the standards of the company carefully scrutinized for a total quality guarantee system, such as compliance and audit of the manufacturing process.
In addition, even if the system and maintenance is well equipped, the most important is, nothing more than the feelings of each and everyone in the farm who works for the peoduction of green papaya. And not to forget the feeling of gratitude to all the people working in the farm, to understand the policy of the company, andto always have confidence for everyone.


2. And to be accurate ,be particular with the seedlings

Genetically modified papaya was developed at the University of Hawaii, and it spread out without an appropriate explanations from the original plantation in Hawaii. Without any idea of the producers, the seeds and seedling was trafficked and sold out in priority to the commercials.And terribly disappointed when the plantation who does not use agricultural pesticides that I knew was a genetically modified papaya. In our company, I see to it to know where the seeds and seedlings come from as the raw material procurement of green papaya farm.In addition, we have carried out a thorough guidance to conduct DNA testing of papaya to completely eliminate the use of genetically modified papaya.

About the origin of Green papaya

Philippines is the world's best papaya producing country most especially the papaya that is grown in the famous Batangas which is pesticide.free .While grasping the unique climate in Philippines and the landform of Batangas,I worked for the production design of high quality green papaya that evryone would seek throughout the year. I

1. Restricted to the farmers who are not using agricultural chemicals and commercial fertilizer

Bio-normalizer possesses dozens of contract farms, surrounded by mountains such as ,rice fields sugarcane fields, corner land and various places, and do some harvesting..Not only papaya ,even in other farms producing other crops,I conducted them not to use agricultural pesticides and chemical fertilizers to protect the entire farm from the pollution of chemical substances..


2. To venture in the making of future farmland at companies experimental farm.

In order to stabilize the growth ,without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we make use of our company experimental farm. I'll put my full concentration as part of countermeasures against the ring spot disease (sickness of the papaya) that becomes popular in recent years.

About manufacturing and its process

"It is none other than our company ,Sun-O International which fermented the green papaya for the first time in the world. Up to now, based on ISO22000, HACCP, and GMP, hygiene supervision and process control are carried out by the original system of our company as the pioneer of green papaya fermented food so that we can send to you the highest product that has been through 43 years since the invention of Bio-Normalizer. "

1. To execute sanitary supervision and the process control in accordance with ISO22000・HACCP・GMP.

As a pioneer company of fermented papaya, in order to satisfy our customers in the aspects of safety and security, in accordance with the stucture of ISO22000, HACCP, of GMP,we organize our company system. We offer products in a perfect sanitation supervision and process management in relation to food safety to earn trust from the customers.


2. Because I want the customers all over world to be happy, I acquired the Halal certification.

There is already a track record supply in Singapore and Malaysia of Bio-Normalizer and we will be offering to the customer in the Islam area.Also , to respond to the demands from the customers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, I acquired the Halal factory authentication. In accordance with the mechanism of the Halal factory authentication, I will offer the products that will earn trust from the customers all over the world.


3. We will conduct tours to the factory and farms to applicants

Our company has installed the Traceability system. Traceability is a system that can confirm the product history such as "where the seed came from,who and where, by what method and how did they raise the seed, when was it harvest, and how was it manufactured, from what route?".However ,the ability is not only to confirm the production history, we also conduct a tour to the farm to applicants.


What's New

Expectant graduates of universities on March, 2013,post graduates (complete) or those who have graduated with the same framework with the newly graduates who wish to be employed (with or without work experience is not necessary) will be the object of recruitment.

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