Subic Clinic

Philippine Clinic for the poor


Name of the project Subic medical support
Period of implementation October, 2010~
Implementing organization Sole humanitarian mission
Forms of assistance Donation of Bio-Normalizer
In Subic,Philippines

The Japan NGO field coordinator ,Tomita Eriko is in the Philippine ,Subic, as the local field coordinator ,since 1997, and making use of her capabilty as a nurse and midwife, a voluntary helping the poor people in obstetrical delivery.

Free Maternity Clinic

In this free maternity clinic,besides the obstetrical delivery, injured and sick person without the money came to flock.Eriko who was not a doctor declined to help except the obstetrical delivery, but was not able to repel the poor people who clung.""please do something"".So I did what I can as a nurse unwillingly. Such an act was accepted by the Subic Public Health Center and was authorized as the fourth Subic Public Health Center in 2003.


1739 babies were born in the clinic

Medically treated number of patients is more than 51949 people and obstetrical delivery in the clinic is 1739 as of (Nov, 1991~March, 2011)


All patients who come to the outpatient are the peolple left behind the present medical care.

Patients come to the clinic regardless of age and illness. Poor patients who cant go to a hospital, so I'll do what I can do here in the clinic.( massage, dietary advice, therapeutic instruction) Even without any prescription of medicine,patients come back for re-diagnosis and treatment.



Philippine Contact :Secretariat To Ms Eriko Tomita,
St.Barnabas Maternity Center, Manggahan Resettlement, Mangan-vaca, Subic, Zambales, PHILIPPINES:
Japan Contact:Secretariat
〒669-3153 Hyōgo Ken Tanba City Yamaminami Maegawa 163 
「CFP」 Philippine Clinic for the Poor  

What's New

Expectant graduates of universities on March, 2013,post graduates (complete) or those who have graduated with the same framework with the newly graduates who wish to be employed (with or without work experience is not necessary) will be the object of recruitment.

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