About Pesticide Residue

Report on the results of the analysis of residual pesticides

To secure "Safety of food" of customers ,Bio-Normalizer is implementing the sanitary supervision and the process control in compliance with ISO22000・HACCP・GMP. And traceability system is installed to accurately manage the history of the product.
From the incidents on falsification of the expiry date indications, source of production falsification ,etc. and the implementation of compliance has become important to prevent beforehand the scandals on the emplyees. In addition, the mass communication reports,enterprise hostility through the internet write-ups,diffusion of rumors hostility act, etc.,has shaken the food safety of the customers.
Our company has opened to the public the analysis examination countermeasures in relation to our products.


Analysis of test items Pesticide Residues Analysis
Specimen name Bio-Normalizer
Subject to be inspected lot:JP008GC2
Inspection method Dissolved extract sample was purified by solid phase mini-column was quantitative and qualitative Have LC / MS / MS GC / MS, and GC / MS / MS.
Result Not detected in all 88 items
Implementation organization Foundation Saiga Institute of Technology Services Analytical Division
Analysis No. No. 120713-01
Inspection Date July 26, 2012
1. Execution of analysis examination

Practice the analysis results based on third-party research organization.

2.As a countermeasure for reputational damage

I think that it is effective to the superfluous reaction by a belief, the affective judgment by a rumor, etc.

Agricultural chemicals residue analysis result report
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About the inspection organization

Saiga Technological Institute perfoms analytical research on the quality and safety of agricultural and craftmans, founded on April,1963.
Saiga Technological Institute Foundation Analytical Services Division
〒640-8341, Wakayama-Shi Kuroda 2-1-20
phone: 073-474-3099

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