Makes your skin soft and smooth like a baby’s.

Instead of using heat, papaya soap is manufactured through a method called "cold process" to ensure that food enzymes from green papayas are not destroyed. The soap is dehydrated and matured over long periods of time through a process called "frame kneading." Using these two methods, the papaya soap becomes clear as a crystal and is gentle to the skin. No fragrance, artificial color and preservatives are added to the soap. The soap is suitable for people of all ages even infants and old people.

Papaya Soap - benefits from green papaya

The extracts from green papayas are rich in enzymes called papain.

Papain dissolves fats, protein and sugars at the same time and we mixed it together with olive oil and no harsh ingredients added.

Cold process

Glycerin, a natural moisturizer and a useful by-product of the cold process, is formed in the soap in huge volume. Therefore, the soap is gentle for the skin and makes it moist.

Papaya soap can be used for all parts of your body

The soap can be used on the face, body and even the hair. The texture of olive oil is said to be closer to the human skin and since the soap is olive oil-based, using it would surely make your skin soft and smooth.

Lathers easily and rinses quickly

The soap easily creates a rich lather even if you don't use a lather net. But, to make the lather attain a more creamy texture, a lather net is advisable to use.

From a thick lather to a smooth lather

The soap creates a lather that is truly gentle and smoothen your skin. It is not hard as the soapsuds formed by laundry detergents.

Unscented, though it has a faint smell of olive oil

The soap is additive and scent-free. However, it may have a faint yet gentle smell of olive oil.

Totally removes grease from skin and thoroughly cleanses skin pores

Because papain has fat-dissolving properties, expect that the soap is truly effective in removing dirt and excess oil from skin pores since dirt and excess oil are the main causes of acne and blackheads.

Makes your skin smooth and shiny

Because papain dissolves protein by peeling off the dead skin of the keratin layer, expect that the soap would be truly effective in making the skin smooth and removing darkened areas from your skin.

Made of the best all-natural ingredients

No artificial substances are added to the soap. The soap only uses the best all-natural ingredients that even people with sensitive skin can use it. The cleansing properties of papain gently protect your skin.


*Do not use the soap if skin disorders such as allergies and rashes are evident.
*The soap may sometimes have uneven shape or color. This is because the soap is hand-made and no additives such as stabilizers are added to it. It is also dried naturally.

Name Papaya soap Product Name Grace of green papaya
Main raw material Olive oil, water, palm kernel oil,
Na hydroxide ,
Palm oil,
rice bran oil,
grape seed oil,
Papaya fruit extract,
cultured yeast,
Glucose, papain
Contents 100g
(winch scouring)
List price 1,890yen(tax included)