Social Actions

Sun-O International positively participates in the social contribution activity together with the region, as we develope together to drive for the fulfillment of a wealthy community and for the creation of a better tomorrow.
In a word ,there's a variety of activity genre where you can contribute to the society such as in, "Social welfare activity","Educaion and Cultural promotion"Sports Promotion""Natural Environmental Protection " etc.
Up to now ,Sun-O Intrenational has been active in "Human Mission"mainly in the foreign countries.The reason is in our strong will to freely demonstrate our power and contribute in the genre of [Health] and [ Internationl Network].

Domestic endeavor


Set up "Yell for Japan" donation box

WE performed a fundraising with the Japan Foundation "Yell FOR Japan - a smile for the disaster area ~ power for London" . as the slogan .
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Subic Clinic

Ms.Eriko Tomita made use of her capability as a nurse and a midwife in Subic , Philippines and has been helping poor people on obstetrical delivery voluntarily since 1997.
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Support to the Tōhoku region

It has been a year and still the sufferings continues in the Prefecture of Fukushima, Soma City from the nuclear damage caused by th 3.11 earthquake ,and yet the reconstruction of the Tamano Elementary School and existing condition has not progresses.
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Endeavor to every country in the world


Performed a humanitarian mission to the victims of radioactivity exposure of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. Because of this, former President Gorbachev and Mrs. Raisa visited Gifu, and handed over a Letter of Appreciation. "Bio-Normalizer"was offered to the patient of Ukraine National Cancer Hospital, and to the infant leukemia patient of Moscow National Medical University Afilliated Hospital.

"Biopathy" was opened in Manila.Through the Medical Institute of PCSO of the Philippine Government Excecutive Office of the President, purchased to be use for free on the project subject for the poor patients.
Papua New Guinea
Dispatch for a health mission with regards to malaria according to the invitation from the Head of State.

To perform the clinical observation by a random double-blind test of the ischemia-related cerebral infarction patient to examine influence of "Bio-Normalizer"which acts as a defense of the obstacle to reperfuse after the thrombolysis and minor improvement of the clinical manifestation of the ischemia-related cerebral infarction patient and the thromboclasis for the chronic and acute occurrence stage in Tianjin National Medical University.With regards to SARS epidemic,
humanitarian mission was performed in Tianjin National Medical University.It is good for the decrease of the immunity of a person,and was certified and formally registered by the Chinese Ministry of health as a "health food for immunoregulation"

Perform a humanitarin mission in Aids Children Hospice

History of Humanitarian Mission contribution to society

Years Country Subject Matter
1993 Russia Dispatch for a humanitarian mission for the relief of a lot of victims to the radioactivity exposure on the Accident of the Russian Chernobyl nuclear plant.
1994 Russia Established the [Ozato Research Institute]in Russian Medical University and started a joint research with the university.
1995 Russia Recieved a Metchnikoff Medal Award from the Memorial Research Institute of The Nobel Prize Awardee Dr. Metchnikoff .
1995 Russia Recieved a Letter of Appreciation from the former President Gorbachev and his wife Raisa, upon knowing the dramatic results of the humanitarian mission on a large number of radiation exposed victims in the accident of the Russian Chernobyl Nuclear plant
1998 Singapore As to the 46th aviation, and space international congress held in Singapore, the clinical research of "Bio-Normalizer" which was used in the Russian space development project was reported.
1998 Russia Awarded the Honorary Doctorate from the Russia National Yaroslav Technical University,
.Awarded the Honorary Surgeon Maj. from Russia Federal Republic Defense Ministry of Aerospace Medicine Division.
1999 Italy By support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Parliament, He won the "Quality of Life"award as a top scientist in the "1st Intemational Congress Of the Ageing Society (international aging society)" held in Italy.
2000 Philippines The purchase was decided by the Medical Institute of the Philippine Government Organization (PCSO) to be utilized for the project of free assistance for the poor patients
2000 USA [Science and Humanity] was founded in the United States of California ,International Congress of Oxygen Institute,with the jointnames of the three namely, Dr, Akira Osato, Dr,Lester Packer of America and Dr. Luke Montagnier, of France.
2002 Papua New Guinea Dispatch for health mission upon the invitation of the Chief of State of Papua New Guinea,against malaria. The signing of agreement for the supply of Bio-Normalizer was witnessed at the Japan Embassy between the Chief of State and Japan Ambassador.
2003 China Practice humanitarian mission in Tienjin National Medical University against the SARS epidemic in China ,donated [Bio-Normalizer] and recieved a Certificate of Appreciation.
2004 China The recognition of Bio-Normalizer as a health food was officially certified by the Chinese Government Health and Medical Bureau as a“a hygienic food for immunity adjustment".
2006 Thailand Performed a humanitarian mission in the "Chldren Aids Hospice" in Thailand
Malaysia Sales to Malaysia leading pharmacies
Sri Lanka Through the spread of the theory of Biopathy, it will lead to the sales of Biopathy.
2010 Philippines Bio-Normalizer was donated for the less fortunate mother and child in the Philippines
It is introduced in the blog , etc., of the local Japanese maternity nurse.
At the time of visit of the former President Gorbachev in Gifu, I was invited to the hotel and had a meeting..

Upon knowing the dramatic results of the humanitarian mission on a large number of radiation exposed victims in the accident of the Russian Chernobyl Nuclear plant,the former President Gorbachev ,with his wife and I made a meeting at the Gifu hotel.

Recieved a Letter of Appreciation from Mrs. Raisa Gorbachev