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The point of physical recovery of immune strength

If immunity does not function properly, it will lead to symptoms such as chronic or acute eczema, yeast infections, arthritis, food allergies, ear infections, reproductive disability or slow healing of wounds. Also, it is important to build up immune strength to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer cell.

Supports Intestine Function

It is not actually necessary for dogs and cats to produce all enzymes which human being needs to digest food. However, the necessity occurs since they come to live with the people. The Biopet , from the fermented green papaya becomes the material of the internal enzyme and supports the function of intestines.

Pets also has allergic reaction and inflammation

Oftenly I depend on steroid and antihistamine for the medical treatment of allergy of pets but it only alleviate the symptom. It may be effective in the short term, but is difficult for complete recovery. The fermentative metabolism restoration of green papaya which is the main component of Biopet supports the control of allergic reactions and it was reported in an article that it alleviates and contol the chronic inflamation stage of related symptoms such as joint pains and dermatitis.

Newly release sachet type

The sachet type of biopet is newly released .
Each sachet is equally divided in 3g.
Its superior portability is suitable for travel and outdoor

Cautions of Use

Available to all pets. The product can be directly intact or can be mixed with food.Better when hungry.
Cooking dosage, per 1 kg of weight, approximately 0.1 g.~0.2g
Please increase or decrease according to the situation. ( 3 g per 1 sachet)Seedlings,
Small dogs and cats (from 1 to 5 kg in weight) 1g
Medium-size dogs and cats (5 kg-10 kg) 2g
Large dogs (weighing 10 kg-30 kg) 3g

Name Fermented Papaya Product Name Biopet Instant Energy!
Raw materials Carica papaya
Edible yeast
Contents Sachet type: 3g × 30:
Bottle Type: 55g
List price Sachet Type: 6,300 yen (tax included)
Bottle Type: 3,150 yen (tax included)
Nutrition Component per (100g)
Energy 368kcal Carbohydrate 91.9g
Protein 0.1g Sodium 1mg
Fat 0.1g