Bio-Normalizer wins the world’s first gold medal for papaya fermented foods

JUN 6,2012  6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Monde Selection 2012 [Diet & Health Products]
Sun-O International Inc.’s (Headquarters in Gifu, Director: Maeda Kenji) manufactureand sale of “Bio Normalizer” has been awarded the world’s first gold medal for papaya fermented foods at the 2012 edition of the world-renowned quality assessment contest “Monde Selection” (Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium), held in Europe.
The award winning “Bio-Normalizer” through the use of what is known as the papain enzyme (which digests the three major nutrients of fat, protein, and sugar) produces a fermented food through the fermentation of papaya using its own yeast. Since in modern diets people do not consume enough fermented foods, the product continues to be loved by people who wish for a long and healthy life.


◆ Contest Name: “Monde Selection 2012″ (MONDE SELECTION 2012)
◆ Awarded Category: Diet and Health products
◆ Quality Awards: GOLD MEDAL
◆ The award-winning products: “Bio-Normalizer”
【About Bio Normalizer】
43 years ago in 1969, Dr Osato started his research in to self-yeast fermentation by focusing on the papaya, a fruit which was named in the Meiji era as the “longevity fruit” (Manjuka in Japanese). When you think of fermented foods which have supported the prolonged health of the Japanese people, Natto and Miso are famous, but “Fermented Papaya” is also another very unique concept.
As the world’s first successful fermentation of papaya, it is only now that papaya is being recognized as a fermented food which can improve vitality. Starting with the papain enzyme which can digest three major nutrients simultaneously, papaya contains rich nutrients including vitamins and minerals, which, by fermentation, enhances the inherent “self-protection power” in people. An additional benefit of Bio Normalizer is that it does not use any additives or preservatives and is a fermented food made with 100% natural products. Therefore there are no side effects with its consumption, it can be combined with medication, and be consumed at any time.


【Reliability of Bio Normalizer Products】
1)Over the 43 years which have passed since its invention in 1969, it has been a pioneer of papaya fermented foods.
2)According to over 100 academic research papers, Bio Normalizer’s effectiveness has been proved.
3)”ISO 22000″, “HACCP”, and “GMP” have all been obtained, thus ensuring the safety of the product. Moreover, it is has obtained “halal certification” and is now available in the Islamic world
4)Because of health missions to Chernobyl, a Thai aids hospice, and for SARS in China, it is loved around the world.


【About Monde Selection】
Monde Selection was founded in 1961 as an international organization for the quality assessment of liquor, food products, and other consumer products under a joint initiative of the EU and Belgian Government. Monde Selection is a prestigious, worldwide contest. Quality and taste are judged by an impartial panel of independent experts. It is the oldest and most prestigious prize for quality improvement in the world.
The panel for the latest award in the “Diet and health product” category was made up of independent experts including a nutritional consultant, a university lecturer, and a chemical engineer. The analysis was completed in partnership with accredited labs such as BIOTOX, BRUCEFO, and the INSTITUT MEURICE of the Belgian Federal Public Service Authority.

【Media Contact】
Sandra bautista
Bio-Normalizer Nutraceutical Corporation

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