Bio-Normalizer does not contain iodine.

The society sees that iodine, iodine-containing food and health food have been attracting a great deal of attention due to effect of the nuclear accident in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare alerts people to “Don’t take disinfectant containing iodine” by their web site.

Also, National Institute Of Radiological Sciences states that “Seaweed products such as kelp contain iodine but are not effective.

We expect that most of questioner asked us whether Bio-Nomalizer contains iodine concerned about our humane mission for nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl in 1995.

This humane mission was not conducted immediately after the accident.

Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident occurred on 1986, after 9 years later this humane mission conducted in 1995.

WHO (World Health Organization) related to Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident and around 700 cases of thyroid cancer have developed among children and young people in 1995.It took long time of 9 years.

Wikipedia: Assessing the disaster’s effects on human health

 As you know, Iodine-131 as radio active ingredient disperses into the atmosphere when the accident occurred at a nuclear power plant. When radioactive iodine which released into the air is drawn into the body and it accumulates in thyroid instead of normal iodine (nonradioactive iodine). Iodine-131 keeps releasing radiation and generates a lot of free radical (active oxygen) in the body. Then, it produces varies of injurious effect such as hypothyroidism, goiter and thyroid cancer. There, prescribing a iodine preparation in advance to be based on the idea that if a person take nonradioactive iodine in advance, radioactive iodine (iodine-131) will be take in thyroid and can be prevented a radiation damage.It is important that taking iodine in advance if danger could be apparent because it has only a small effect though it is taken after exposed. Also, even it is unable to prevent the accumulation of radioactive substance how much you take iodine in advance. Iodine cannot be expected to have effective method preventing the radiation effect, if a person be exposed to radiation such as alpha ray, beta ray, gamma ray and neutron ray.

Now, get back to talking about our humane mission for nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl.

Bio-Normalizer to conducted to the patient in the national cancer hospital in Ukraine and the leukemia patient in the Russian state university medical hospital in Moscow was to deleted the free radical (active oxygen) generate from the radiation material, accumulated in the inside of the body for years. The mission is conducted for varies of injurious effect such as hypothyroidism, goiter and thyroid cancer, a free radical (active oxygen) bring on the body. Bio-Normalizer let a free radical delete strongly, so it could be possible to reduce effect of radiation.

*Bio-Normalizer is Health food Supplement derived from green papaya, not medicine.

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